Onya Soapbox offers team builders that are experts in their fields. We can customize a session to suit your business group or organisation that can be as short as one hour or as long as two weeks. Our sessions guarantee to motivate your team and take your business to the next level of success.

Our Team Building sessions may include motivational speakers, team activities, problem solving or interactive and exciting activities such as:

Breakfast, Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea or Dinner can also be organised as part of our package.

Enquiries / Bookings
For costs and quotes on any of these team building activities please contact Abby Edwards at Onya Soapbox on 1300 304 083 or abby@onyasoapbox.com

>> Beach Breakout

Unlimited number of people

Have a day at the beach with a theme band, under a marquee on the sand. With some great food, wine and beach games this is the ideal team building getaway and we have got some of the great locations.

>> Cookin' & Cruisin'

Up to 20 people

CELEBRATE AUSTRALIAN CUISINE AND THE MIGHTY RIVER MURRAYwith Celebrity Chef Andrew Fielke aboard the magnificent Odyssey Luxury Houseboats

Learn some of the secrets of Andrew’s unique Cuisine style that has him in demand all over the world as a Guest Chef and TV Presenter.

· Weekend, day/evening or week long Cruises – flexible options
· Superb Cuisine – fine Australian Wines
· Stunning Scenery
· State of the Art Riverboat accommodation
· Fishing, swimming, relaxing, star gazing, camp fires, Jet Ski, Canoe & Water Skiing options
· Cooking classes – help Andrew prepare outstanding cuisine

Savour incredible dishes such as:
· Prawn Tails with Mango & Hot ’n’ Sour “Shot”
· Yabby Scrambled Eggs for Breakfast
· Fresh Snapper baked in paperbark – Verjuice Beurre Blanc
· Braised Beef Brisket in Caramel, Fish Sauce & Chilli – Fragrant Rivermint Herb Salad
· Green Lemon Myrtle Curry of Cuttlefish
· Sweet Potato & Saltbush Gratin
· Tagine of Saltbush Mutton Shanks in the Camp Oven
· Quandong Crumble Pies

Small or Larger Corporate or Social Groups - From 8 to 150 Guests
· Morning Golf followed by afternoon cruise, Gourmet BBQ Dinner
· The Big Day Out – swimming, water sports, short scenic cruises, superb gourmet BBQ dinner, live bush band
· Water sports fun - Jet Ski, Canoe & Water Skiing options
· Corporate team building options
· Cooking - planning, preparing & serving a great meal
· Orienteering – Bush walking
· Team sports challenges (i.e. Cricket, Volleyball, water sports, Outback Ironman Challenge)

>> Cooking with the Wizard of Oz ­ Andrew Fielke

From 6 to 18 people

This cooking workshop will take you on a one hour magical journey that will have your guests believing you are the “naked chef” and a culinary whizz. See how teamwork improves your chances of a knockout meal.

Andrew will teach your team:
· Superb, but simple dishes that will wow your guests or the family
· Stuff you can do in advance to save time
· Tricks of the trade to make serving the meal a breeze

Some suggested dishes are:
· Sexy Oyster & Leek Tartlet with Lemon Beurre Blanc & Salmon Roe
· Salad of Seared Lamb, Asparagus, Goats Curd, Basil Oil & Rivermint Semi Dried Tomatoes
· Thai Yellow Curry of Swordfish with Snake Beans
· 60 Second Sorbet with Blue Gum Honey Wafers

>> Corporate Cookin'

From 6 to 18 people - Approx. 6 hour duration


The Format
Early morning start for a fabulous lunch – early afternoon start for a delightful dinner
· Meet at the Central Market for an inspiring tour & talk (Tuesdays & Wednesdays to Saturdays only) - 30 mins
· Plan your Menus over a great coffee or tea. Discuss the wine matches/options - 30 mins
· Shop for ingredients/wines within your budget - 15 mins
· Transfer to the Cooking School- 15 mins
· Native Ingredient discussion & tasting - 30 mins
· Team preparation time - 2 hours
· Serve & enjoy the fruits of your labours - 1 ½ hours
· Judge & score the results/wrap up - 30 mins

The Outcomes
· Creative thinking – delivering the best from the available resources, seasonal best, with the focus on quality not quantity
· Problem solving – working to a budget, time frame
· Leadership skills – plan, brief, execute, de-brief
· Working as a team to achieve an inspired end result
· Improve your knowledge on food & wine combinations
· Learn lots more about cooking & preparing ahead
· Learn some of the secrets of Andrew’s unique cuisine style and Australian ingredients that has him in demand all over the world as a Guest Chef and TV Presenter

>> Corporate Beach Volleyball with Kerri Pottharst

From 8 to 48 people

You, your staff and your clients can all experience the fun, the teamwork and the excitement of playing this Olympic sport along side an Olympic Gold Medallist!!

A typical Beach Volleyball Experience:
· Arrive at the beach and be introduced to Kerri and the beach crew
· Experience a thrilling live demonstration of how the game is played at the elite level when Kerri Pottharst and Victor Anfiloff take on a couple of experienced players.
· Then, join them for a fun filled clinic and learn all the skills yourself! We set you some goals and in a team-building environment you get the chance to solve the puzzles.
· Finish off with a short competition and see how your team reacts in a competitive environment
· Later, you may like to share with Kerri, over lunch or dinner, some personal tales from her Olympic journey. (Additional Fee)

The day will include:
· Set up of Beach Volleyball courts ANYWHERE IN AUTRALIA
· Expert playing and coaching by Kerri, Victor and other elite national players
· Tournament organisation
· Team building activities
· Heaps of beach volleyballs to use on the day
· Sun Umbrellas
· A beautiful Gold Volleyball autographed by Kerri and her Olympic Gold Medal winning partner, Natalie Cook. Yours to keep!

Benefits of Beach Volleyball:
· Create team power.
· Teams are rewarded with pts and lots of “high fives.”
· Communication is vital.
· We keep the accent on positive and FUN!
· Unleash your team’s creativity and develop new skills.
· Learn each other’s roles.
· Build a sense of personal and collective power by using individual and collective skills to achieve great results.
· Learn how to build a game plan and stick to it.
· Shared leadership.
· By rotating positions we help build flexibility and introduce change.
· Turn individual skills into team skills.
· Build strong relationships.
· Build moral.
· “Most importantly, we all have an absolute ball!!!” - Kerri Pottharst

>> Get Sandy with Natalie

Ever dreamed of playing alongside an Olympic Gold Medalist?
This dream now become a reality with our Corporate Beach Volleyball Packages.

Package includes:
· A "learn to play" clinic with Natalie
· Competitve or social game play
· Natalie shares her tales of Olympic preparation throughout the session.

Approx 2 hours

View 'Get Sandy with Natalie' testimonials

>> Creative Songwriting and Recording

From 4 people to 60 people

Within a 2 hour workshop our resident muso - Peter Arthur - will work with participants to write and produce a song entirely from scratch. Participants provide input on the style, lyrics and melody. On completion of the session, the song is recorded onto a CD.

Or If you want to do something a little different with team building then why
not try a creative song writing session with the members of FRUiT.

What are the outcomes:
· Breakdown of barriers between participants
· Increased confidence
· Creative expression
· Innovation
· Fun

Working in this creative forum with others is not only a good laugh, but also puts you in a vulnerable place. When we allow ourselves to be open, there is always permanent growth in who we are and what we can achieve. This team building exercise is the ultimate equalizer.

What you need to know:
· No music experience is necessary to be involved in workshops
· All equipment is provided
· All we need is you

>> Cruising with the West Lakes Princess

From 20 to 67 people

The West Lakes Princess is licensed for 67 passengers and operates on the beautiful waterways of West Lakes. The cruise includes a 17km route around Delfin Island. The minimum number to charter the West Lakes Princess is 25 passengers and 40 or 50 passengers for exclusive use on an evening (depending on season).
Luncheon cruises are for a minimum of 20 passengers and 50 for exclusive use.

The entertainment includes a wide range of dance music and a multi screen Karaoke system for the use of passengers. If you want to be a little more indulgent we can also organise a live band or comedian.

>> Cuban Music and Dance Workshop

From 10 to 100 people

Cuban music and dance are taking the world by storm! These exceptionally vibrant art forms emerged from the blend of African, Spanish and Caribbean cultures following the discovery of the American continent over five hundred years ago. Our amazing ensemble of performers will demonstrate why Cuban music and dance are so popular and enjoyed by people of all ages around the world.

They will display colourful costumes and play pulsating and catchy rhythms engaging the audience in fun singing and dancing routines. A display of many traditional Cuban instruments together with our audiovisual presentation will bring the audience even closer to this new world of rhythm, dance and culture.

>> Get Arty

From 4 to 16 people

This creative team-building exercise enables people to embrace their self-expression. Using paints and an array of utensils, brushes and other forms of personal expression, be it hands or feet to create a communal/group canvas, along with individual canvases that members can take home. There will be prizes to encourage self-expression and creativity, and yes, it will get messy, but we will be the ones cleaning up!

This activity includes:
· Artistic director
· Brushes, paints, materials etc.

>> Team Building with Katrina Webb & Healthy Teams

Katrina Webb OAM works in conjunction with Healthy Teams to design and tailor team building activities to your organisational needs.

Their team development methodology involves providing experiential learning activities that highlight existing attitudes and behaviours which effect team performance.

· 2 hr Introduction to Teamwork
· Half Day Team Building Workshop
· One Day Team Building Program

Options include:
1. Treasure Challenge
2. The Business Game
3. Team Obstacle Course
4. Orienteering/problem-solving
5. Team Foundation Activities
6. Paralympic Sports Team Building - teams compete in a series of events such as wheelchair basketball, seated javelin and blind 100m.

>> Latino Workshops

From 5 to 30 people

Afro Latin & Caribbean percussion:
Learn popular rhythms and grooves on congas and bongos and learn to play hand percussion e.g maracas & guiro (scraper) and Clave (the roots of salsa)

A variety of Street Latin Dance Styles:
Learn to dance the most popular dances including Salsa & Merengue (couples dances) and Samba (Brazilian carnival dance) and the latest Latino dance craze: Reggaetton.(fusion of Latino hip hop & reggae - great for young people)

>> Lunch in the Valley

Chateau Tanunda is an iconic heritage winery in the heart of the Barossa Valley and has a myriad of indoor and outdoor spaces that are perfect for entertaining and relaxing.

For your next event or team building activity can I suggest a gourmet lunch in the Sunken Garden or in the cooler months a hearty meal inside the magnificent Chateau. From 18 to 500 people for lunches, a day at the Chateau will leave your guests radiant.

Arrive at the Chateau to be met by Ralph Fowler, Chateau Tanunda's Winemaker, who will take you through the winery to a barrel tasting prior to lunch (dependent on availability).

Saskia Beer of Barossa Farm Produce will cater for you and designs platters of fresh Barossa produce or a delicious 3 course menu.

Finish your meal with a tasting of Barossa Valley Cheese Company cheeses as they talk about their cheese and cheese making.

Opportunities for cricket matches, croquet and bocce games on the green.

>> McLaren Vale Wine Region Tour

Up to 100 people

Your group will board busses and be taken to the McLaren Vale region to see some of the famous Adelaide wine country. A comedian can board each bus if you wish to entertain everyone as they travel to their first winery (this should take an hour by bus).

The first stop will be the Wirra Wirra vineyards. This vineyard is characterised by the Woodhenge which is essentially a plain post-and-rail fence, but on a cyclopean scale (the posts are more than 2 metres in diameter, some weighing over 3 tonnes). As well as seeing the many other traditional aspects to this winery, the group will get to taste the exceptional wines that it produces.

After this, they will then proceed through McLaren Vale to the picturesque winery of Geoff Merrill (Mount Hurtle Winery). Here they will tour the winery, and then settle down to a dinner that Geoff will host and speak at. Geoff is a well renowned winemaker, consulting in both Australia and overseas.

>> Team Beat

Take pleasure in watching your team transform from individuals who see each other as work colleagues to a unified percussion orchestra, laughing, enjoying themselves and opening up to each other as human beings.

Everybody’s contribution is valued and respected in this non-competitive activity. The overall experience showcases the importance of teamwork, cooperation, trusting and listening to each other to reach a united common goal. Best of all – no prior experience is necessary.

Your performance includes our talented team, a drum for everyone, transportation, set up and layout of drums and a selection of hand percussion instruments.

Teambeat specialise in dynamic corporate interactive drumming events which are designed to create a sense of unity and team spirit through the power of music.

Greeted with vibrant African drumming, attendees will immediately embark on a musical journey with Teambeat’s team. With a drum for everyone, in only a few minutes, their mood will be lifted and with an electric atmosphere in the air they will begin to drum along as the energy of the drumming creates excitement, laughter and smiles all round.

Teambeat’s facilitator guides the group to play a variety of different African beats, layering sounds, and rhythms, bringing everyone together in harmony. Interspersed attendees will use their own body as a percussive instrument. There will be light hearted, amusing actions along the way to ensure everyone is having fun!

Teambeat’s facilitators are master drummers from Africa, with only a handful of musicians of this high caliber in Australia, their energy and talents are unrivalled.

We perform at events nationally and can cater for groups of virtually any size!

Teambeat also provides sensational authentic African music and high energy entertainment for all types of events. The perfect choice for conferences, seminars, product launches, road shows, awards nights, ice-breakers, Christmas parties and special events.

>> The Percussion House

From 5 to 30 people

It's fun!
It promotes wellness of the heart, mind and body.
It releases endorphins (or the feel good chemicals in your brain).
It relieves stress.
It brings self empowerment.
It involves everyone.

Welcome to The Percussion House - a collective of percussion artists and tutors who offer skills based workshops, percussion tuition, dynamic and fun performances and drumming culture and percussion displays.

The Percussion House Team is made up of local musicians with expertise in performance, facilitating workshops and embracing a community cultural development ethic. Residing within The Percussion House walls is a variety of instruments that we bring to you.

The Percussion House plays host to a variety of rhythmic traditions. African rhythms are taught using traditional drums; djembe, dun-dun, kpanlogo as well as small hand percussion instruments, shakers and claves. Latin rhythms are taught using traditional conga drums.

Group workshop sessions can involve anywhere from 5 to 30 participants and usually run between 60 and 90 minutes. Single workshops involve a short performance and teaching hands on rhythmic exercises using the instruments. A cultural perspective is provided with explanation on the history of the drums and the individual rhythms.

Musical skills such as listening, participation and creativity are imparted and most importantly it is a bunch of fun!!

>> Theatre Sports

From 10 to 60 people

Want to bring your workplace, team or group closer together? Keen on having as much fun as possible at the same time? Here’s the solution as we introduce you to Theatresports!

Our team of improvisational actors will teach you a series of fun acting games to play, where as individuals and in groups you’ll construct scenes from nothing. Have a great time and gain confidence.

>> Wheelchair Basketball

From 10 to 20 people

Your team will be transported to the Clipsal Powerhouse so that they can spend an exciting hour and a half with two of Australia’s top basketball players.

Rachael Sporn, (twice Olympic Silver Medalist and former Australian Opals Captain), and Tim Maloney (Gold Medal Paralympian) will conduct a session that will entail both regular basketball, and then they will be put into wheelchairs to see how they go! Each person will given t-shirts that split them into two teams so they can battle it out on wheels.

You will also receive a brief motivational talk from these two inspiring athletes.