Gentlemen Prefer Curves

Music, Comedy, Creative Entertainment

From Opera to Oprah...Bridget Jones meets Maria Callas comes Adelaide's hottest comedy cabaret trio, "Gentlemen Prefer Curves" - starring Carol Young, Johanna Allen and Catherine Campbell.

Following their debut performance at the 2001 Adelaide Cabaret Festival, "Gentlemen Prefer Curves" has become Adelaide's most talked about cabaret group, combining enormously versatile vocal talents with an innate sense of comedy to produce a cutting-edge cabaret show.

Their 2002 Adelaide Fringe show sold out and was the recipient of an Advertiser Critics Award for Artistic Excellence.

Through popular cabaret standards and the greats of music theatre the trio explores what it is like to be young, single and curvy in a world of pretzel-thin, perfect-haired supermodel starlets. The three go beyond the "sultry cabaret goddess" image and present life as it really is.

They also draw material from the world of pop songwriters, Peter Allen, the works of British female cabaret group Fascinating Aiida and ABBA!

Their comic songs touch the tender spots of life - constant dieting, social drinking, the search for a decent relationship, and comment on the society we live in - the lifestyles of the rich, condoms and the constant pressure of media images.

The group's philosophy is to engage people, to make them laugh, make them cry, make them think. Carol, Johanna and Catherine form an exciting chemistry that audiences, young and old, single and married, svelte and curvy, can really identify with.

The shows are a mix of opera, music theatre, cabaret standards and comedy. Beautiful close harmonies, clever piano arrangements, hilarious observations on the trials of a single girl's life, a piano accordion and various kitchen implements combine in a highly entertaining night out that will appeal to audiences from teenagers to grandparents.

Carol, Johanna and Catherine are classically trained singers and have a diverse range of skills and experience in acting, music theatre film and teaching.


"Sweet Adelines are not the easiest audience to entertain because we are an international organisation of women, every one one of whom sings and performs. So finding a guest act to meet our exacting standards and provide a change from our own barbershop music at our Adelaide Showcase of Champions was a challenge. However, everyone was absolutely knocked out by the girls of Gentlemen Prefer Curves ! Gentlemen Prefer Curves hit just the right 'note' of spicey humour, great audience rapport and fabulous voices. Their varied performance took us through the gammut of emotional responses, from crying with laughter to being arrested and surprised by the depths of feeling they touched in us. The fact that they themselves seemed to be enjoying things as much as we were added greatly to the synergy between them and us. We have no hesitation in recommending Gentlemen Prefer Curves to anyone who is looking for entertainment at a highly skilled and talented level, that also creates and enhances the 'common touch' with their audience."
Sandy O'Neill - Sweet Adelines Conference Co-ordinator

"Gentlemen Prefer Curves were superb, creating exactly the right atmosphere at our Conference dinner. They even managed to promote audience participation. All our dinner guests thoroughly enjoyed their show, so much so that the members of Gentlemen Prefer Curves ran out of business cards when they were besieged after the show. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Bravo!"
Andrea Lloyd - Grains Council of Australia

"One of the funniest and most beautifully sung cabaret acts I have ever seen - one classy show. WOW!"
Peter Goers, Sunday Mail

"Voluptuous and desirable Carol Young, Johanna Allen and Catherine Campbell have the curves and the voices to make this a seductive and sensual evening of musical entertainment...this is the show for you."
The Advertiser