The Crooked Fiddle Band

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The Crooked Fiddle Band have built a reputation as one of Australia's most intense live music experiences. Their high octane performances compel audiences into a joyous frenzy of dancing and revelry in response to the dark, ecstatic energy and medieval battle-like climaxes.

Fresh from their second tour to festivals in UK and Europe, to the Australian launches of their debut album “Overgrown Tales”, recorded in Chicago in early 2011 with legendary engineer Steve Albini in his Electrical Audio studios. Whilst the worst snowstorms in 15 years blanketed the city, Albini (Joanna Newsom, Nirvana, The Pixies, Gogol Bordello) captured the band live and raw – with a set of tunes that roam across a wide range of styles and influences whilst maintaining an intense yet cinematic energy.  Driven by the beautiful and furious fiddling of Jess Randall, and underpinned by a rhythm section featuring Gordon Wallace (bouzouki, guitar, banjo, mandolin), Mark Stevens (double bass, Appalachian dulcimer, charango) and Joe Gould (drum kit, hand percussion, garbage bin, vocals) the Crooked Fiddle Band sound blasts, rocks and grooves to the point of dementia, compelling listeners into a joyous frenzy.

Combining stunning musicianship with a rhythm and energy aimed straight at romantic hearts and dancing feet, the Crooked Fiddle Band intertwine folk traditions with modern evolutions and have impressed all who have encountered them such as Damien Dempsey who they have supported and Brian Eno, who invited the band to participate in his Luminous Festival at the Sydney Opera House.

“For us, there is a direct link between folk traditions and blast beats: it is the unstoppable energy, that intensity that hits you in the chest and forces you to move,” says The Crooked Fiddle Band’s Gordon Wallace. “Chainsaw folk” is our attempt to craft a new beast from these influences – coherent but mutated and we can’t wait to hit Europe hard this summer.”

Overgrown Tales roams across a wide range of styles and influences yet maintains an intense, vivid energy and Gordon Wallace from the band describes the new album as “Like finding a folk tale deep in the forest, rooted in tradition but with the newest of shoots and a few thorns.”

Jess Randall – violin, nyckelharpa, vocals
Gordon Wallace – bouzouki, guitar, banjo, mandolin
Mark Stevens – double bass, charango
Joe Gould – drum kit, hand percussion, garbage bin, vocals


  • Overgrown Tales (2011)
  • Rise (2008)
  • The Crooked Fiddle Band (2006)


Woodford Folk Festival, QLD (2010/11)
National Folk Festival, ACT (2008, 2011)
Bellingen Jazz Festival, NSW (2011)
Dragon Dreaming, ACT (2011)
Reclaim the Lanes, NSW (2011)
Port Fairy Folk Festival, VIC (2010)
Blue Mountains Folk Festival, NSW (2010)
Peats Ridge Festival, NSW (2006/7, 2008/9, 2009/10)
Brian Eno’s Luminous Festival, Sydney Opera House, NSW (2009)
The Famous Speigeltent, Sydney Festival, NSW (2009)
Sydney Fringe Festival (2010)
High and Dry Festival, NSW (2007/8, 2009, 2010)
The Bosco Theatre, Sydney Festival, NSW (2009)
Speigeltent, Brisbane Festival, QLD (2009)
Newtown Festival, NSW (2007, 2009)
Balmain “Acoustica”, NSW (2009)
La Festa, Griffith, NSW (2009)
National Multicultural Festival, ACT (2009)
Westbury Festival, TAS (2009)
Bellingen Global Carnival, NSW (2008)
Brunswick Festival, VIC (2008)
Corinbank Festival, ACT (2008, 2009)
Between the Bays, VIC (2008)
Earthdance Festival, NSW (2008)
Tamworth Country Music Festival (2007)
Illawarra Folk Festival (2006, 2007)
Coastfest, NSW (2006)

July–September 2010 : UK tour 
June-July 2011 : Europe and UK tour including :
- Ulmer Zelt Festival, Germany
- Arteganza Festival, Netherlands
- TFF Rudolstadt, Germany
- Chichester Festival, UK
- Lichfield Festival, UK



“The Crooked Fiddle Band are completely surprising: the music is original and quixotic, and yet has the strength of some deep and strong roots. I can't say I've ever heard anything else like it!”
Brian Eno

“This band really is a national treasure and testament to the infinite talent that keeps manifesting in our backyard... this group have re-invented folk music as it is known... The Crooked Fiddle Band charmed the audience into submission.”
Vanessa Lahey, Australian Stage

“...a short fast slab of hardcore gypsy passion... a fiery blend of various violin traditions with punk intensity and the raw finesse of crazed street virtuosos.”
Bradfield Dumpleton

“...I’m taken by how effortlessly it appears that they are masters and mistresses of the mood, playing with and for dancers as if we are flexible puppets – willing eager recipients of the ebbs and flows… They are so totally in charge of the audience in the most generous way...”

“So this is what Sepultura sound like in a parallel universe where they're a travelling gypsy band. It's the soundtrack to a hyperactive version of ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ Awesome!”
Dom Alessio, Triple J Home & Hosed

“Wild mash up of styles. Jess is giving the violin a solid workout. Which is a good thing. It deserves a flogging at times that bloody instrument. And a bouzouki in the line up! I'll be there at your next show if you shout the ouzo.”
Richard Kingsmill, Triple J Radio