Tim O'Maji / Timomatic

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Tim Omaji is all about evolution – and in 2015 the dynamic singer, songwriter and performer is shedding “Timomatic” as he enters the next phase of his career. But he’s not so much as reverting to his birth name, Tim Omaji, as claiming it.

“I felt like everything in my creative life and, to an extent, my personal life was evolving to what I believed was a closer expression of who I am,” Tim explains.

“Everything naturally evolved but my name.” He came to view “Timomatic” as “an alter-ego”.

“But Tim Omaji is me.” Tim issued the first of several urban-dance hits in Set It Off – it reached #2 on the ARIA Singles Chart and was both certified four-times platinum and nominated for the ARIA “Song of the Year”. Last year Tim unveiled the avant-R&B single Delilah (featuring former Clipse member Pusha T), which he wrote with US producer Glass John. Tim touts it as “a new school Dirty Diana”. It intrigued the industry – and, yes, hipsters. The single is now out Stateside.

This year Tim will be presenting his most intimate – and visionary – project. “The upcoming album really shows my scope as a writer and as an artist,” he reveals. “It’s just a lot more honest and raw and organic.” He’s invigorated by change. “This is really Phase II, and the beginning of Phase II, I’m always evolving!”

Tim O’maji (aka Timomatic) reached the Top 8 in “So You Think You Can Dance, Australia 2009”. Tim is the Winner of the “2005 Battlegrounds National Hip-Hop Competition” and is a self-taught hip-hopper. His favoured style is popping. He has toured all over Australia and internationally to China, Singapore, Taiwan and New York with his dancing, performing to crowds of up to 15,000. Tim is also a very talented singer and his goal is to become an R’n’B recording artist and tour the world.

Tim is developing as an outstanding solo recording artist and his debut album “Welcome” was written, performed, and produced by Tim alone.

He is well known for reaching the Top 8 in Network 10’s “So You Think You Can Dance, Australia 2009”. This was followed by a sellout national tour and Tim has since been in high demand from all areas of the entertainment industry. He played the starring role of Tyrone in “Fame the Musical” in 2010.

He has studied a Diploma in Entertainment with a major in vocals with JMC Academy. At age 16, Timomatic debuted in a semi professional production “IGNITE” with the Tracks Dance Company. At age 17 to 20 he acted as artistic director for the hip hop dance company “Kulture Break” based in Canberra, performing in Singapore, China, and USA as well as touring nationally.

Tim Omaji Video: Something Bout Yo