Spaghetti The Clown

Children's Entertainment, Creative Entertainment

Spaghetti the Clown is the classic lovable buffoon. Especially talented at warming the heart of even the shiest child, Spaghetti’s show is brimming with games, music, singing, magic and mind bending balloon sculpture.

As a roving entertainer Spaghetti surprises and delights unsuspecting onlookers. His spontaneity and wit ensure older audiences are equally amused.

Included in the one hour show is guitar and hilarious songs, one or two short stories about his amazing and crazy clown family, impressive and comical magic with the use of volunteers (that I can guarantee will have the children in stitches). In one magic trick we turn popping corn seeds into pop corn......... instead they turn into lollies so each child gets a lollie. In another magic section a wand rises from my hand, a disappearing hanky. We play games like musical statues, catch-a-bubbles (bubbles that actually stick to their fingers) and balloon animals for each child provided there are less than 25 kids. Near the end of the party we sing happy birthday traditional style and then a rock ’n roll version for the finale.