Mikki Ross


He’s a little bit kooky, a little bit deranged, he is Mikki Ross, the Rubik’s Cube of live entertainment who is determined to put the Showbiz back into the music scene.

Mikki has always had an abundance of creativity. While the other kids were playing footy (which, to Mikki, was merely a nickname for his foot), he was conceiving ideas for new water slide designs. His idea of financial success was being able to buy a roller coaster for his friends - one each.

When asked to list those he’s inspired by, he thoughtfully assembles a list of individual character traits; the soul of Stevie Wonder, the performance of Michael Jackson, the social conscience of Lauryn Hill, the intrigue of David Bowie. It’s a list he stacks up well against, with a show that is breathtakingly surprising and comprised of truthful soul ballads, weird and wonderful kooky tunes, fun comedy snippets, silly pop choreography and grand theatrics.

Having studied both Drama and Music at University, he began writing, producing and gradually taking baby steps towards his own style. Now, years later, he has fashioned this into a live experience. What do you do when you dream of a large scale production but only have a small budget? Well if you’re Mikki Ross you build your own miniature theatre, complete with pulley systems and moving parts and capable of being packed into the back of a car and assembled within minutes. This Brisbane born vocalist, composer, electronic producer, pianist, comedian, dancer and inventor performs superbly crafted DIY pop inside his self-invented portable “Whizz-Bang Theatre”. He is truly a post-millennium one man band.

Mikki Ross invites you into his wondrously original and imaginative world. Be the first.