Eleanor Angel


A stunning vocalist, Angel weaves elements of classical voice, jazz and folk with a sense of bittersweet introspection.  Her arrangements have an elegant simplicity, structured around the fingerstyled guitar of her live performances and augmented by lush, spacious production (featuring piano, cello, and soaring vocal harmonies).

The uncommon maturity of Angel’s composition and performance reflects her lifelong passion for music.  She learned violin from early childhood, before branching out to additional instruments and undergoing university training in classical voice.  While developing the discipline of a professional classical musician, Angel miraculously retained the soul and fire that drives true artists to forge a fresh and interesting sound.

Angel was always the charismatic girl on the fringes, whose classical world collided spectacularly with her love of pop and jazz music. She managed to love The Beatles, Miles Davis, Portishead, Joni Mitchell and renaissance style A Capella simultaneously. Happily, Angel’s voice accommodated her diverse tastes, enabling a boldly feminine, confident approach to both composition and performance.

Rain on the Street is the ethereal and mesmerising debut album from Brisbane songstress Eleanor Angel. 

On Rain on the Street, Angel crafts a nostalgic soundscape, deftly fluttering between darkness and melancholy sweetness.  The singles Out of Temptation, Dream Baby and Understand provide a characteristic introduction to Angel’s lulling angular melodies.

Featuring guest performances from celebrated artists including Sean Foran and John Parker (Misinterprotato), Dave Kemp, Kathryn McKee and Ben Stewart, Rain on the Street is an outstanding debut record.

Angel is currently dividing her time between promoting Rain on the Street and recording material for her next album.