Faulty Towers

Comedy, Creative Entertainment

Enter the world of the snobbish, manic Basil, his domineering wife Sybil and the hopeless language-challenged waiter Manuel. Be one of the steady stream of bemused guests trying to make Manuel understand what it is you want. Innocently ask for an ‘ice bucket’ and you’ll probably end up with a ‘nice bucket’. A simple procedure like opening a bottle of wine can become a huge drama and maybe, just maybe, in the middle of all these events, you might get some service – Faulty style of course. Everything that can go wrong will - in fact this can best be described as organised chaos!

‘Faulty Towers – The Dining Experience’ debuted in Brisbane on April 24 1997. Since then, thousands of people have enjoyed the fun, abuse(!) and service(!) of Basil, Sybil and Manuel in public shows, private conference dinners and functions throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

The 2-hour interactive performance revolves around a 3-course dinner, commencing with Basil and Manuel seating the guests, continuing as everyone eats, and concluding as dessert is served. Rated PG … Basil requests no riff-raff please!


“In short, this was a night when tears rolled down faces, sides ached and split, and many a fine lash full of mascara turned into a bad Kiss caricature. Hysterical.  A show not to be missed - truly."
Barfly, Cairns Post  

"We had a thoroughly enjoyable evening with Basil, Sybil and Manuel.  Almost choked at one stage because I was laughing so much!  Well done!!  Amazing how they adapted to suit the situation."
Asoki Jayawardhana, Public show audience members - Alexander's Metropolitan Motor Inn

"Please thank all the crew who helped out at the Faulty Towers night for our opening night at Seasons ... we were thrilled with the night and can't wait to organise the next one ... Mildura loved them!!  So thanks and hope to see you all again soon."
Mandy and Andy Williams, Owners "Seasons" Restaurant - Mildura

"This is the 4th time I have seen the show, so certainly am a fan.  I have seen 3 different crews.  A great laugh, and enjoyed by everyone in our group that we have invited each time."
Sandra Hendricks, Public Show audience member - Coffee Club, Mt Gravatt

"We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and thought that the person doing Basil was as close a look-a-like as one could get.  Mannerisms, stance, tonality of voice etc spot on.... The interaction was spot on and I found myself at one stage holding a fire extinguisher for Basil.  We laughed and laughed and appreciated the sort of sub-plots entwined.... In all a great night's entertainment."
Barry Moore, Guest at St Pauls on Leichhardt Public show

"The Faulty Towers show was Terrific!!!  Everyone had a great laugh and really got into the show.  The actors were excellent, ad-libbing as they went.  How can we top this for next years conference???"
Sandra Stack - Retracom

"Fantastic performance! The performers looked, sounded and carried out the whole feel of the Faulty Towers program. Well done to the performers!"
Simone Harvey - IGA Distribution

“A truly new comedy festival encounter awaited my arrival at the Pumphouse Hotel in Fitzroy. This performance, which is travelling to various hotels around Melbourne through till the end of April, was more than just stand-up; it was more than a comedic theatre performance and it was certainly more than a pub meal. Fifty or so perplexed faces waiting expectantly outside the venue’s doors gave way to looks of sheer panic once it became known exactly what would take place in the subsequent two hours. And the basic premise is this: step inside the restaurant and you step inside the comical walls of Basil and Sybil Faulty and their hapless waiter Manuel. Whilst you try and consume a three-course meal, the trio of  comedic characters attempt, through both improvisation and skilled scripting, to bemuse, bewilder and baffle the audience through memorable antics from the famed television show, Fawlty Towers. All the fabulous frolics – from Manuel dropping plates and misunderstanding almost everything, to Basil’s gambling and secretiveness, and Sybil’s ridiculously high-pitched squeal – it’s all covered in two hours of fast-paced laughs and utter chaos.”
Age Online, 12 April 2007