Alyce Platt

Music, Creative Entertainment

Alyce Platt is every love damaged, cigarette stained rock goddess - from Martha Davis, Blondie, Chrissie Heinz to Lena Lovitch. She rocks like the Go-Go's, Annie Lenox and Katrina and the Waves. She knows what boys like. She'll set your dance floor alight! Every little thing she does is magic. See her in the flesh - with her new wave idols of cool... they were all BIG IN THE 80s!

Every member of this band was BIG IN THE 80s. They were GOLD. This bunch of LOVE CATS have come together to create an unrivalled musical, entertainment and hair design experience.

Don't mess around. If you want real entertainment get the experts.

The Star - Alyce Platt. (Lead Vocals) A household name, an icon. Sale Of The Century, Sons And Daughters, The Chantoozies…Big in the 80s.

The Entertainer - Jeremy Stanford. (Bass, Vocals) Well known actor, star of the hit musical Buddy. Member of huge cover band from the 80s, (doing 70s) The Melody Lords… Big in the 80s.

The Rock Guy - Peter Farnan. (Guitar, Vocals) Boom Crash Opera's songwriter and lead guitarist. Also member of the notorious new wave band Serious Young Insects. Big in the 80s.

The Serious Musician - Tim Rosewarne. (Keyboards, Vocals) Member of arty, hip, successful rock band Big Pig. Also a member of Chocolate Starfish. Big in the 80s.

The Fan - Piet Collins. (Drums, Vocals) Member of insanely catchy and successful rock group The Sharp. Big in the 90s, but in the 80s Piet was THE music fan, studiously studying and soaking up those 80s influences.

These people are specialists! They are not imitators! They are originators! No degrees of separation. They were the 80s. They are the 80s.

Put these people in the driver’s seat and time travel back to the future. If these people didn't write it, sing it, star in it, wear it, hang out in a nightclub with it, or sleep with it in the 80s, then it didn't happen.

Alyce Platt “In the Flesh”
60s, 70s, 80s and 90s music: 4 or 5 piece band – x 2 45min sets.
More Information: Download PDF (109Kb)

Alyce Platt “Crazy in Love”
Feature Show: 4 or 5 piece band – 60min set.
More Information: Download PDF (139Kb)

Alyce Platt “Salon Cabaret”
Feature Show: 2 musicians, backing CD and dancers – 40min set.
More Information: Download PDF (144Kb)


"Alyce, Jeremy, Pete et al were fantastic. They played more than required and were a big hit with the 20 - 60 year age cross section. Our 500 guests were entertained and danced off their feet."
Andrew Gill – Managing Director, Perform Arts Pty Ltd

“Alyce Platt put on an excellent show. . . She is one of the best I have come across in the industry”
Heather Clarke – Artistic Director, Allegro Music

“Congratulations to the Alyce Platt Band who performed last night to 1000 guests at Crown for the Committee for Melbourne Dinner. They were absolutely fantastic. Just the right band for the right evening. Everybody loved the music and Alyce herself was delightful. I am really looking forward to booking them again for a similar evening.”
Sarah Bernard - Sarah Bernard Event Management