Jed Rowe


Based in the forested hills surrounding Melbourne, The Jed Rowe Band are a musically diverse trio whose sound traverses the back roads of blues, rock, folk & country, propelled by Jed Rowe's insightful storytelling songs and easy stage presence. Jed's lap slide guitar work will stop you in your tracks; while double bassist Michael Arvanitakis and drummer Michael Di Ciecco inject the tight, funky groove that defines the band's sound.

Their strong debut album "Midnight Sun" (2009) gained airplay on JJJ, Melbourne's ABC 774 AM, RRR, PBS FM, and community radio stations around the nation. The record reveals Jed as a superbly talented songwriter in full flight, featuring stunning string, brass and percussion arrangements, along with a host of guests from Melbourne's music community. PBS FM Presenter Helen Jennings says "Jed's creative & intelligent songwriting shines, a perfect vehicle for his emotive lap steel and powerful and expressive vocals." “Midnight Sun” follows on from Jed's 2006 EP “Life”, the release of which saw him open for acts like Ash Grunwald, Clare Bowditch, and Dallas Frasca, and secure an endorsement deal with Cole Clark Guitars.

Having cut their teeth at some of Melbourne's best loved venues including The Northcote Social Club, The Espy, and The East Brunswick Club, The Jed Rowe Band spent 2010 taking their sound to the rest of Australia with a regular touring schedule and numerous festival appearances (Maldon Folk Festival, Foodbowl Festival, Boolarra Folk Festival, The Basin Music Festival, The Sustainable Living Festival etc). In July 2011 the band will head into the studio to record the follow up to "Midnight Sun" with renowned guitarist/singer/songwriter Jeff Lang in the producer’s seat.

Growing up in a tiny two room shack built by his father in the rainforest of Northern NSW, Jed Rowe was surrounded by music from the outset. His mother, father and younger brother are all talented musicians in their own right, and as a youngster Jed absorbed not only the sounds of his parents instruments, but also their record collection, soaking up the great contemporary songwriters the way some kids inhale passive smoke. Now, as a maturing songwriter coming into the height of his powers, Jed's work embodies both tradition and a new voice that is all his own. Renowned Australian bluesman Lloyd Spiegel says "Jed Rowe is one of my very favourite songwriters and artists."


"This is soulful stuff. Lap slide guitar, double bass and drums, strong rhythms, classy vocals, and a fine repertoire of original songs inspired by a bluesy, folky roots genre. This progressive band has impressed many in a relatively short time, both live and on the airwaves!"
Maldon Folk Festival