Colin Pearce

Business, Motivational

Colin Pearce has been an Australian motivational speaker and training resource producer since 1986. He presents keynotes and seminars at conferences internationally and all over Australia. He gives audiences a great time and makes meeting planners look good.

What you’ll get from his seminars:

  • Business savvy that sticks.
  • Common sense ideas that work.
  • All wrapped in a fast moving package of witty stories, catchy sing-along songs, outrageous ventriloquism, active audience participation, and one laugh after another.

Experiencing one of his motivational messages:

  • 'You are ten times better than you think'.
  • 'You are your A.S.S.E.T.S.'.
  • The Fox-Proof Chook House.

Since 2001 he has been invited to present his message of hope in Vietnam, Manila Philippines, Beirut, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Kenya, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, USA, New Zealand and every state of Australia.

Colin says...
Since we hit the 21st century with all the terror and corporate collapses, people everywhere are on edge. Let me scrape a few barnacles off your people's hearts and plug up the holes where the despair has leaked in. Then hope comes back - along with better teamwork and better relationships with your customers.