Greg Fleet

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Greg Fleet is a living legend of Aussie comedy, one of the most experienced and popular stand-up comics currently working the world stage.

Initially setting out to be an actor, Fleety trained at NIDA – the National Institute of Dramatic Art – before realising that comedy was his true calling. Well, he didn’t actually realise – he had to be told. By none other than Nick Enright, NIDA’s then Head of Acting, who recommended Fleety “go off and do that comedy thing”, which took Fleety by surprise since he had no idea he was built for comedy. In fact, Fleety’s first foray into the comedy career was at Melbourne’s Prince Patrick Hotel in 1987 where, too nervous to stand up, he was more of a ‘sit-down’ comic. Now, of course, Greg Fleet stands head and shoulders above the pack by merging theatricality and comedy.

Early collaborative shows like “Three Blokes and their Jokes” (1991) and “A Gift From The Gobs” (1993) gave way to critically acclaimed autobiographical stories like “Thai Die” (1995) and “Ten Years in a Long Sleeved Shirt” (1996) and then character-driven flights-of-fancy like “Underwater World” (1997) and “Scary” (1999). More recently the autobiography has been looser, with experience-based excursions like “I Wish You Were D[e]ad” (2001) and “Secret American” (2008) alternating with edgy cabaret noire collaborations with Mick Moriarty such as “Fleetwood Mick” (2007) and the late night showcase “Big Love” (2010).

Fleety’s versatility has made him a regular on television and radio as well as the stage, with roles in sitcoms, soapies and dramas as well as frequent appearances on chat shows and televised comedy showcases like festival galas, comedy debates and panel shows. Fleety’s been both a regular guest and host on breakfast, afternoon and drive radio. He’s acted in Shakespeare – both the real thing, and comedic parodies thereof – to excellent effect as well as appearing in other serious and comic drama.

Of course, some of Fleety’s most riveting performances have been the characters he’s embodied on stage. Whether he’s working in an ensemble or on his own, in any medium, the character we know him best as is himself: ‘Fleety’, the consummate performer and writer at the forefront of his craft.

You can see Fleety on television in the clever and hilarious satire of a life in comedy, “Die On Your Feet”. In this show, Fleety fronts an all-star cast, essentially playing himself.


“In one hour, Greg Fleet succeeds in dragging us to extremes of laughter, embarrassment and pity – but mainly laughter – as he takes us on the emotional roller-coaster journey of our lives.”
The Independent, London

“Subtle, succinct and surreal - Exceptionally funny, the audience was spellbound throughout - Devilish, menacing and totally mesmerizing – Brilliant, utterly fresh, utterly hilarious.”
The Scotsman, Edinburgh