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South Australian born Andrew Fielke is a talented, award-winning chef with many years of international experience, working in Switzerland, Austria and London’s famous Savoy Hotel. On returning to Australia in the mid 80s, his imagination and interest in Australia’s largely overlooked native food resources was sparked by the discovery of a fledgling distribution company selling "wild foods". Since then Andrew’s creative energy has focused on devising exciting dishes and pioneering a new direction for a "creative native Australian cuisine". He continues refining his craft using amazing 40,000-year-old ingredients together with conventional foods to create truly special dishes, utilising the unique textures and stunning flavours of nutritious nuts, seeds, fruits and herbs like Bunya Nut, Lemon Myrtle, Finger Limes and Quandong – foods savoured by the Aboriginals over the millennium.

1992 saw the opening of the first Red Ochre Restaurant in Adelaide, featuring consistently superb, innovative cuisine, wines and ambience. The restaurant attracted exceptional international exposure and many awards including the "Australian National Tourism Award" for restaurants in 1996. Cairns Red Ochre (Far North Queensland) opened in 1994 and Alice Springs (Northern Territory) in 1997.

In 2001, Andrew "undid his apron strings and hung up his chef’s clogs" after 26 solid years of cooking, left the restaurant game and created Andrew Fielke Enterprises. Now his consulting chef role allows him to accept numerous guest chef appearances: New York, London, Shanghai, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, Hawaii, Bali, Los Angeles, Germany and Singapore to date.

Andrew works increasingly as a consultant with a number of food manufacturers developing fabulous new retail and food service products. Some are manufactured under his own food service label; other projects use conventional or Australian ingredients, expanding a client’s product offering. He also consults to assorted food industry bodies, wineries, restaurants and government departments.

Andrew is a consummate demonstrator; guest speaker and TV presenter, having also presented 33 food and wine segments on the ABC’s Asia Pacific Satellite Channel, broadcast initially through greater Asia. The segments are "produced-driven" with stylish recipes with an emphasis on food and wine matching. He periodically appears on national TV cooking programs and the "Lifestyle" channel.

Andrew is also a founding committee member and current Chairman of Australian Native Food Industries Ltd., the national peak industry body for native foods.

Life after restaurants has allowed a passion for golf to flourish that has led him to develop Pro Chef Golf, where he incorporates his superb Australian cuisine and wines into golf events and Tours.

Andrew resides in Adelaide with wife Kaye and three school-aged children.

"...Mr Fielke cooks some of the best food I’ve eaten in a long time. His cuisine goes beyond modern Australian food..."
Stan Sesser – The Asian Wall Street Journal, December 14, 2001

"...what sets the Red Ochre apart, and what attracts the flocks of people who have been filling up the restaurant every day since it opened, is its menu..."
Marie Claire – Singapore.