Whether you are looking for a venue and host for your next function or conference or you wish to be entertained by a well-known speaker, band or comedian - Onya Soapbox will deliver a service to exceed all expectations.
>> Emma Hack Storm New York & Art Prize Finalists Announced

After a hugely successful first solo exhibition with Rebecca Hossack's Gallery in New York, the undeniable and incredibly talented Emma Hack caught the attention of the worlds most powerful media.

Vogue - Read here
Daily Mail UK - Read here
Huffington Post - Read here

The Emma Hack Art Prize Finalists have also been announced and the exhibition will take place from 6pm-8pm at the Adelaide Convention Centre on Wed 5th March. For more details please READ HERE.

To book Emma Hack please contact:

Onya Soapbox - Abby Edwards
Mobile: 0417 808 107

>> 3 for 1! - Why not get more value for your money?


How would you like to get:

  • 3 high impact speakers for barely more than the price of 2?
  • 3 MC's who can mix and match to suit your audience?
  • A choice of packages to suit your needs - and your budget?

Derrick McManus, Katrina Webb and Gary Edwards are 3 of Australia's most entertaining and practical speakers. Here's the chance to get all 3 speakers onto your program in a format that suits you, including:

  • 2 Hours: short keynotes + questions
  • Half Day: full length keynotes + questions
  • Whole Day: full length keynotes + questions + break-out workshops
  • Full Conference Package: full length keynotes + questions + break-out workshops + MCing

DERRICK McMANUS - keynotes, workshops and breakout sessions

  • Never Say Die ... Shot 14 times and still Laughing - pure inspiration, pure excitement and hilarious
  • Inside Your Head - building confidence, courage and capacity so your people can achieve
  • 7 Pillars of Tactical Leadership - leading the team in a simple and decisive way
  • That's a Bright Idea! - solutions to strategic and simple issues with a twisted and warped approach

"What an inspirational man" - Webster Hyde Heath (Insurance)

KATRINA WEBB - keynotes, team building and living balance health & wellbeing programs

  • Running on No Matter What! - Overcoming obstacles and making it happen
  • Turning Silver Into Gold - creating a winning performance
  • Creating Positive and Healthy Teams
  • Living Balance - increase energy and efficiency
  • From the Track to the Office - why training is important to success
  • Networking Web - build your network by creating successful WIN/WIN relationships

"She is an amazing woman, a wonderful speaker and her story is one of true inspiration and encouragement." - Safe Work SA

GARY EDWARDS - keynotes and workshops on building collaboration and trust

  • The Magic of Collaboration - improving your business performance, one conversation at a time
  • Trust me I'm a Lawyer! - building trust-based relationships with your customers
  • The Language of Leadership - how to communicate more effectively in any situation

"Everyone was raving about you! The best speaker by far..." - NACRO Annual Conference


  • 30 minutes per speaker
  • 2 x 10 minute breaks
  • 10 minutes for questions after the final speaker
  • Cost: $3,500 + GST + expenses

Features and benefits of this option:
  1. Each speaker gives a shorter version of their keynote presentation, with some time for questions.
  2. Allows you to maximise the time available in a session.
  3. Allows you to have 3 speakers giving a different perspective on the same topic (eg team building) or you can have 3 different topics (eg leadership, teams, customers).


  • 50 minutes per speaker
  • 2 x 15 minute breaks
  • 30 minutes for questions after the final speaker
  • Cost: $5,000 + GST + expenses

Features and benefits of this option:
  1. Full tailored keynote presentation from each speaker, plus time for questions.
  2. Enables speakers to apply the topic to your attendees situation.
  3. The speakers can be used at different times or days of a conference.


  • 50 minutes per speaker (throughout day)
  • 10 minutes for questions after each speaker
  • 3 x 45 minute break-out sessions (one per speaker on their topic)
  • Cost: $8,000 + GST + expenses

Features and benefits of this option:
  1. Full tailored keynote presentation from each speaker, plus time for questions.
  2. Speakers run tailored breakouts to enable attendees to apply the topic to their own situation.
  3. The speakers can be used at different times or days of a conference.


  • 50 minutes per speaker
  • 10 minutes for questions after each speaker
  • 3 x 45 minute break-out sessions (one per speaker on their topic)
  • Each speaker MC's part of the conference (to maximum 3 days)
  • Each speaker available for individual coaching questions with selected participants
  • Cost: $21,000 + GST + expenses

Features and benefits of this option:
  1. Full tailored keynote presentation from each speaker, plus time for questions.
  2. Speakers run breakouts to enable attendees to apply the topic to their own situation.
  3. Each speaker MC's part of the conference, bringing their own unique style and variety to the event.


Onya Soapbox
T: 0417 808 107
E: clients@onyasoapbox.com

>> Bob Downe's DJ Party Gras

As the glimmer of economic recovery makes for a more optimistic end to the working year, there's a way to reward your employees and clients with a memorable and fun Christmas corporate function - and stay within newly tight entertainment budgets. And that's where BOB DOWNE comes in!

One of Australia's most loved and enduring comic superstars, the Clown Prince of Polyester has been wowing corporate functions for years with his warm, cheeky, charming wit - along with a unique blend of superlative hosting skills and brilliant song & comedy sets. What you might not know is Bob also happens to be a brilliant party DJ! Recent successful gigs have included Sydney's 2007 Mardi Gras Party and a sold-out run of cabaret dance evenings at The Supper Club in February 2009.

Bob spins retro classics from the '50s to the '80s in an exciting, unexpected, fresh mix - and it's pretty hilarious watching him as he does it, too. What's more - he takes requests!

So why not book BOB DOWNE'S PARTY GRAS as your all-in-one Christmas function entertainment option? Bob can MC your evening, OR perform a 20-40 minute stand-alone comedy & song set, before returning to hit the decks... with no need to book a live party dance band, you'll save heaps in both set-up time AND budget!

To enquire about booking Bob Downe DJ Party Gras and his Christmas Rates please email Abby at abby@onyasoapbox.com

>> 7 Secrets to Surviving Your Baby's First Year

By Jodie Benveniste, Director of Parent Wellbeing and author of Little Bundle: Comfort and inspiration for new parents and Full Belly: Comfort and inspiration for pregnancy and birth.

1. Filter advice
There are as many different ways to raise children, as there are people doing it. You need to discover your way. You have opinions too, and your opinions count.

2. Sleep when you can
Babies don't sleep all night. The only solution is to sleep when you can, and expect that you won't function as effectively as someone who gets a good night's sleep.

3. Expect change
A baby's first year involves phenomenal change. Respond to how your baby is behaving now, rather than how you expect or want your baby to behave.

4. Do not compare
Your baby is an individual. Instead of comparing your baby to others, marvel at the amazing personality and skills your baby is developing, and live and learn together.

5. Embrace your new self
Motherhood happens overnight, but do not expect to adjust overnight. You need time to embrace your new life and farewell your former life.

6. Accept help
Caring for a baby can be a lonely, isolating experience. Do not be afraid to accept help or ask for help. Like your baby, you need support too.

7. See the big picture
Your baby's first year is an intense and challenging time, but it does not last forever. Welcome every day with your baby because soon your baby will be a teenager!

© Parent Wellbeing

View Jodie Benveniste's Biography

>> How to stay a Motivated Mum & Keep Fit

1. Cleary define why it is important to you to get fit and stay motivated. Do you need more energy, improve your sleep, be a better role model for your children, lose weight or all of the above?

2. Set specific measurable goals in relation to your fitness and make sure you constantly review and reset them. Attach attractive rewards to your goals to help you stay motivated.

3. Write your goals out and share them with someone close to you to make you accountable. I recently joined a new gym and one of their points of difference is that you have to book in your gym sessions. Their number one priority is to make sure you reach your goals and help you stay on track by addressing accountability.

4. Explain to the important people in your life why your goals are a priority to you. Analyse your weekly schedule and plan time for your exercise sessions. Schedule them into your diary as a meeting with yourself. Make sure they remain a priority. Do not underestimate the value of 'you' time. Re-energising physically and mentally and this will help you be a better Mum.

5. If exercise is a chore for you it will be difficult to maintain motivation. Mix it up. Variety will help to minimise your boredom and varies your conditioning. Join a gym, a club or find a group of friends that enjoy similar activities to you.

6. If babysitting is an issue, try and find a crache or a friend or family member to look after your children for an hour or two. Even better create an exercise group with other Mums/Dads and share the exercise and the babysitting role. For example if there are 5 of you in the group you would only have to be the babysitter for 1/5th of the exercise sessions.

7. Be creative and do exercise with your children. There are exercise instructors available who include children into their group classes. Your children will benefit from the exercise and learn that exercise should be a part of their life.

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>> Find Your Signature Style By Summa Edwards
(Presenter for Channel 9's "Feeling Good" and Fashion Expert & Stylist)

When it comes to style, staying true to oneself is important. But sometimes we need a little help along the way. Ask yourself what needs improving or updating. Is it your skin? Does your hair leave you feeling flat? Is your make-up aging you? Do you need a wardrobe overhaul? Figure this out, and you'll know where to begin your makeover. With a few simple tips, you just might become the best you can be.

It's amazing how uplifting it is to occasionally pamper yourself. Whether it's a facial, massage, spray tan or pedicure, a small indulgence can do wonders for your self-esteem. After all, you are your own canvas. So, if your budget allows, invest in a professional treatment now and then and with so many fantastic do-it-yourself products available, perfecting the art of personal grooming in the comfort of your own home has never been easier.

The fastest way to update your look is with a simple cut and colour. A good hair style should frame your face according to your facial structure. Hair colour should always compliment the tone of your skin to maximize your natural beauty and highlight your best features. So next time you're in the salon, talk it over with your stylist and try something different. You'll feel like a new person!

It's so important to make sure your make-up isn't aging you. If you've been applying your make-up the same way for years, it may be time to re-evaluate your look. Throw out make-up that is stale and old. Shelf life depends largely on storage, but as a general guide discard mascara after: 3 months; foundation & concealer: 1 year; lipstick, lip gloss & lip liner: 1.5 - 2 years; powder, blush, bronzer & eyeshadow: 2 years.

They say they are the windows to the soul and often the first thing people notice, so it's important to frame them well. Shaped eyebrows instantly lift your face and draw attention to your eyes. Once they have been professionally done all you will need is some tweezers for some easy home maintenance. Heavy, black eyeliner can be harsh and aging to the eye, especially during the day, so opt for softer tones such as grey or charcoal and blend well for a more subtle effect.

In my opinion, this is the number one rule when it comes to dressing with style. Just because an outfit looks good on someone else, this does not mean it will suit you. We come in all shapes and sizes and defining what style and cut best suits you will make shopping for your shape a breeze. The good news is, these days there's something for everyone! Each season brings new trends, not all of which will suit you. Find a few that do at affordable prices, combine with classics and you will have the ultimate wardrobe.

They may cost more now, but if chosen carefully will save you in the long run. Invest in clothes you can wear from season to season. From the LBD (little black dress) to a classic white shirt, these trusted favourites always look great and will be sure to give you your money's worth.

Whether you choose a belt, bag, necklace, earrings, bangle, scarf or hat, the right accessory can transform your outfit from basic and boring to fabulously fashionable. Add the perfect pair of shoes and you can go from daytime chic to evening glam in no time at all. And ladies, in order to get the most out of your look good underwear is essential. Visible bra straps are sometimes frowned upon, but the VPL (visible panty line) will forever be a no-no!

Let's face it, we all have the occasional 'fat day' and there's nothing better than having some emergency figure flatterers to help hide a number of sins. A floaty summer dress, empire or A-line tunic, or swing style coat can ultimately save the day. A faithful fashion fall-back is a godsend and will help you through those not-so-great days.

If you're not confident you can find your inner style on your own, bring in the professionals. After all, that's what we're here for! Westfield offer a variety of services including your very own personal stylist as well as beauty, hair & make-up experts. Personal Style Sessions range from one hour to an all day affair. Alternatively, you and some friends can really get into the spirit of things with a group booking for up to 4 people. The key is to make every appointment a lesson, so take notes, ask how to apply these techniques at home and learn how to do it on your own. That way you get the most out of your time and money.

Trends may come and go, but self-confidence never goes out of style! So remember, dress to suit your personality, lifestyle and budget, wear it with confidence and your well on your way to creating your very own signature style - one that is sure to stand the test of time!

An instant feel-good fix is to get your motor running! We all know that exercise is good for you and it doesn't need to be a chore. Whether it's a brisk walk or a dance class, anything that gets your blood pumping will immediately release endorphins, increase your metabolism and improve muscle tone. So find an activity you like, you can get together with friends and who knows you might even enjoy yourself!

View Summa Edwards' Biography

>> New Book From Jodie Benveniste - "Full Belly"

From the author of Little Bundle: Comfort and inspiration for new parents comes a book to reassure parents-to-be. Jodie Benveniste, psychologist and mother of two, helps you enjoy the wonders and calm the worries with her newest title Full Belly.

About Full Belly

Your belly grows, your mind slows, and your urge to bake cakes is insatiable.

No question you are pregnant! In pregnancy, there a physical and emotional changes. There are wonders at the baby you are growing. And worries about birth and beyond.

The author's gentle affirmations comfort and inspire so you can bake the cake and eat it too!

Fully Belly helps parents-to-be:

  • Make their own choices
    Other people may not want the responsibility of caring for your baby, but they do want to tell you how you should do it. Full Belly helps you trust your own instincts.
  • Manage the emotional highs and lows of pregnancy
    Being pregnant is not all bliss and bubble bath. Full Belly guides parents through the intense emotions of pregnancy and birth.
  • Prepare for the arrival of their baby and imminent parenthood
    We all have images of the perfect parent. But how realistic are they? Fully Belly reassures parents that the responsibility of parenthood may be daunting but fortunately, the rewards are incredible.

Full Belly will be released in March 2009.

Please click on this link for a sample of the book.

About Jodie

Jodie Benveniste has a background in psychology and has worked as an academic researcher, teacher and writer. She is the author of the successful Little Bundle: Comfort and inspiration for new parents. She is also the director of Parent Wellbeing, an organization aimed at helping parents improve their quality of life. Jodie now combines running her business with caring for her two young children.


How to make the most of your pregnancy

1. Make your own choices - Other people may not want the responsibility of caring for your baby, but they do want to tell you how you should do it. Trust your own instincts.

2. Respect your body - Fortunately, pregnancy can teach us a new respect for our body. Our body can create, grow and birth a baby. Respect that.

3. Simplify - slow down - Eliminate the superfluous, focus on what's important, and begin to prepare for your new life with your baby. By simplifying, we open up to a bigger and richer world.

4. Weight Gain - see the whole picture - By watching the scales we only see part of the picture. By tuning into our body's needs for food, exercise and rest, we see the whole picture.

5. Choose comfort - Can't find clothes to fit your pregnant shape? Some days you may feel more heffalump than sleek senorita. On those days, perhaps comfort is enough.

View Jodie Benveniste's Biography

>> Katrina Webb - New Team Building Packages

Kwik Kat Enterprises works in conjunction with Healthy Teams to design and tailor team building activities to your organisational needs.


  • 2 hr Introduction to Teamwork
  • Half Day Team Building Workshop
  • One Day Team Building Program

Options include:

  1. Treasure Challenge
  2. The Business Game
  3. Team Obstacle Course
  4. Orienteering/problem-solving
  5. Team Foundation Activities
  6. Paralympic Sports Team Building- teams compete in a series of events such as wheelchair basketball, seated javelin and blind 100m.